Oumuamua “cigar-shaped” craft over a BILLION years old

Oumuamua (cigar-shaped craft) news:

David Wilcock and Corey Goode: Secret Space Program (SSP) scouts have boarded the craft and tried to salvage technology. They found three alien species on board, all in hibernation. Hopefully they did not cause any harm 🙁

The craft is said to be over a billion years old and was built by the “Ancient Builder Race” that also built the pyramids and other ancient monuments on Earth.

Further information about Oumuamua: https://divinecosmos.com/start-here/davids-blog/1223-targeted-arrests

Elena Kapulnik was able to remote view the craft and connect with one of the alien species in hibernation inside the craft. They are called Dorian’s (long slender bodies with light blue hair) and boarded the craft when their egg-shaped craft was damaged beyond repair. They will reach their destination within the next 50 years. Thank you Elena.

Remote viewing of Oumuamua:

Thanks to ALL involved with this disclosure!

IMPORTANT News Update: 18 December 2018: Disclosure is happening!

Yes, it’s for real folks! Even mainstream media is taking it seriously.

The latest US Government video release, through Tom DeLonge’s To the Stars Academy, shows an encounter between Navy F/A-18 Super Hornet’s and an unknown object. It was released by the Defense Department’s Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program … the US Government is actually admitting, for the first time, that the UFO phenomena is real.

The actual encounter between Navy F/A-18 Super Hornet’s and UFO/UAP:

Linda Moulton Howe on this UFO Confirmation:

NY Times article: https://www.nytimes.com/2017/12/16/us/politics/pentagon-program-ufo-harry-reid.html

At first I thought Tom DeLonge was not in it for real, but now I’ve changed my opinion. It looks like he is delivering.

To the Stars Academy: https://dpo.tothestarsacademy.com/
NASA is also preparing us for disclosure by releasing photo’s of Mars showing craft, ancient ruins, life-forms, etc. With Elon Musk and other country’s preparing manned missions to the Moon and Mars, NASA is under mounting pressure to reveal the truth.

NASA’s statement concerning life on Mars, check the words “apparently lifeless,” i.e. NASA is no longer calling it “lifeless”: https://mars.nasa.gov/allaboutmars/extreme/

Here is a list of video’s I think everyone on Earth should watch, they prepare us for disclosure and provide us with a full history and summary of the Secret Space Program (SSP):

My Blog entries:

My take on this historic confirmation by the US Government:

Please share this important information with your family and friends. We need to be ready on many levels for disclosure, it will impact us emotionally, spiritually, economically and politically.

It’s real guys! There is a group involved with the cover-up that now wants the truth to come out.

2018 is sure to be an interesting year … we live in interesting times.

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News Update: 11 December 2017

This is my first YouTube Channel news update (hopefully one of many).

The videos currently on the channel are basically presentations, with a bunch of images and text, which I’ll be re-doing. In future I’ll be doing the narration and pointing out important things with the mouse pointer. Watch out for the re-do’s, I’ll be naming them “Redux: …”

As always I’ll be focusing on Mars orbiter and rover images showing anomalies such as life-forms, various craft or UFO’s.UAP’s (discs, triangles and cigars), bases (self-illuminating spherical domes, mostly inside craters), ancient ruins, megaliths, hangars, open-pit mines and odd artefacts/artifacts strewn across the Martian surface.

I also delve into the Secret Space Program (SSP), dark projects and disclosure as well as any other really important ET/UFO/UAP news.

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Inter-dimensional chaos in the sky

An unnerving sound phenomena, seemingly originating in the sky, heard around the world has scientists puzzled. Witnesses report hearing loud sonic booms, horns, trumpets and massive machinery yet they cannot locate the source.

Theories as to what may be causing these include jets breaking the sound barrier, HAARP, angels blowing trumpets as described in Revelations and underground alien activity, amongst others.

Trumpet/horn audio spectrum analysis
Trumpet/horn audio spectrum analysis

Fighter jets have not been seen in the vicinity of these sonic booms, however outlines of triangular and oval craft have been seen in the sky following a sonic boom event. My theory is that these sonic booms are produced by craft originating out of black projects, e.g. the TR-3B (which is triangular) and a Dark Fleet oval craft called the “Pumpkin Seed.”

TR-3B and Dark Fleet 'Pumpkin Seed' craft
TR-3B and Dark Fleet ‘Pumpkin Seed’ craft
TR-3B craft outline
TR-3B craft outline
Pumpkin Seed craft outline
Pumpkin Seed craft outline

HAARP uses radio frequency (RF) which is not audible to the human ear and according to researchers in the field it produces patterns in the clouds within its target area. As I understand it witnesses have not reported both these phenomena together.

HAARP: Rectangular cloud formation
HAARP: Rectangular cloud formation

The book of Revelations in the Bible describes seven trumpets that will sound in accordance with seven world-changing events that will lead up to the end of the world. I’m not aware of any South Africans reporting hearing these trumpets, I surely have not. To be fair, God will ensure that everyone hears these warning signs.

The Last Trumpet: End-times
The Last Trumpet: End-times

Witnesses report that they cannot locate the source of sound phenomena, describing that no matter how they turn their heads the sound does not change and that the intensity remains the same. This indicates to me that the sound is omni-directional and does not originate from any specific direction, ruling out underground activity.

Dulce: Underground alien base
Dulce: Underground alien base

Then there is the strange spiral phenomena seen in the sky all over the world. Eye-witness photographs and video show perfect gigantic luminous spirals in the sky, lasting for extended periods of time, many are consumed by black holes appearing in their centres.

Spiral: Norway
Spiral: Norway

An exploding Russian missile has been blamed for one of these which appeared in Norway. This theory seems plausible, however the spiral is just too perfect to be man-made and besides are all these spirals remnants of exploding missiles?

Alternative theory:

With the exception of sonic booms, my theory is that these phenomena are not man-made and are probably caused by inter-dimensional break-through into our reality or, according to supernatural researchers, it is possible that our solar system could be moving into an area of space where the vibrations are much higher. This may be related to the Photon Belt or it may just be an area of the solar system that infuses Earth with higher energy vibrations.

Perhaps Gaia is warning us … let’s stop destroying the planet and each other before it’s too late!

Parallel universes and multiple dimensions
Parallel universes and multiple dimensions

Sonic booms, trumpets, machinery, gigantic luminous spirals in the sky and HAARP video:

The following video I compiled will give you further background information into these phenomena:

Inter-dimensional Chaos
Inter-dimensional Chaos (click to watch video)

Who knows how these phenomena work, I can only speculate.

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