Mounting evidence pointing to life on Mars

Physical Evidence

A team of US meteorite hunters from the ANSMET project discovered the first Mars meteorite known as Allan Hills 84001 (ALH84001) in Antarctica on 27 December 1984. On 6 August 1996, David McKay (working for NASA), published an article in which claims are made that the meteorite possibly contains evidence of traces of life from Mars. Many scientists dismissed the idea at the time, however recently discovered meteorites from Mars include various fossils of once living bacterium. In November 2009 a team of scientists at Johnson Space Center, including David McKay, presented an argument that since their original paper was published further evidence of the presence of abundant fossil-like structures have been discovered in other Martian meteorites.

Allan Hills 84001 (ALH84001) meteorite structures
Allan Hills 84001 (ALH84001) meteorite structures

On 4 May 2010 at a NASA conference on astrobiology, David McKay presented new evidence that proposes the highlighted object in the photograph below is a biomorph, another fossil of a once-living bacterium found in a Mars meteorite.

Biomorph Fossil found in Mars meteorite
Biomorph Fossil found in Mars meteorite

Photographic Evidence

Surface photographs of Mars reveal that water flows on the planet’s surface at certain times in the year when conditions are right. Most scientists are of the opinion that where there’s water there’s a high likelihood of some sort of life, be it bacterium or the like.

Flowing water on Mars
Flowing water on Mars

Then there’s the famous and controversial photograph taken by the Curiosity Rover backward pointing camera showing what appears to be a humanoid figure working on the rover. Why did NASA only release this one photograph? Surely more photographs of the humanoid figure exist. Are they holding back on the photographs that show the figure directly? Maybe they knew what or who it was working on the rover and did not want to reveal what or who it was? Are there humans on Mars, sent there decades ago in the 60’s and 70’s under the guise of the NASA manned Moon missions or recently under a classified Black Project/s? Was this photograph released purely by accident or was it released deliberately by someone at NASA wanting the truth to be revealed, perhaps being too scared to release further information?

From February 2001 to March 2002 Gary McKinnon hacked into 16 NASA computers as well as dozens of US Army, Navy, Air Force and Department of Defence computers. He uncovered a list of officers’ names under the heading “Non-Terrestrial Officers.” Are these so called “Non-Terrestrial Officers” also present on Mars?

Humanoid working on Mars Curiosity Rover
Humanoid working on Mars Curiosity Rover (click for larger image)
Humanoid working on Mars Curiosity Rover - Illustration
Humanoid working on Mars Curiosity Rover – Illustration

Original NASA source:

Is it possible that there is actually microbial life on Mars, maybe even human and/or humanoid life? Evidence strongly suggests that there is.

The TV documentary series Ancient Aliens, specifically Season 11 and the episode entitled “Destination Mars,” delves into this subject in detail. It also includes compelling photographs of various artefacts found on the planet’s surface.

If you are interested in the UFO/Alien phenomenon I highly recommend you watch the series, specifically Season 11 and now the newly released Season 12 which delves more into contemporary subject matter and less into Ancient Alien Theory.