Two cigar shaped craft in Martian crater

This image (M1101782) was taken by NASA’s Mars Global Surveyor (MGS) Mars Orbiter Camera (MOC) on 2000-01-12T22:28:17.64.

NASA describes this image as “sample south polar terrain.”

Case #11: Two cigar shaped craft in Martian crater:

Seen in the image are two cigar shaped objects next to each other in the bottom of what appears to be a hole or crater in the Martian surface. I estimate the longer craft to be approximately 150 metres long.

Two cigar shaped craft in Martian crater
Two cigar shaped craft in Martian crater (click for larger image)

The only way to see the object clearly is by using the NASA image viewer located to the left of the web page. Click the “Toggle full page” icon followed by the “Zoom in” icon. Click on “Zoom in” until the maximum image size is displayed. The object is located in the bottom quarter of the image. Perhaps the “PDS Source Data” has a higher resolution image.

I followed the process described above, combining several screenshots into a large, complete image which you can download here (file size: 2.82 Mbytes).

As the original NASA image has very little contrast I enhanced it by adjusting the contrast levels.

I tried downloading the original PNG, GIF, JPEG, TIFF and PDF files; however the resolution of each is too low to see the object clearly.

Original NASA source: