NASA calls this a ‘Circular Feature’ on Mars

This photograph (PSP_009223_2640) was taken by NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) HiRISE Camera on 15 July 2008.
NASA describes this photograph as “Circular Feature in Polar Cap.”

Case #30: NASA calls this a ‘Circular Feature’ on Mars:’

There are no similar ‘features’ in the photograph and it definitely looks out of place.

The close-up appears to shows that this anomaly might not be a hole or crater, i.e. the highlights and shadows don’t match the surrounding landscape.

Also, the Martian surface looks slightly indented and flattened towards the top right of the anomaly, almost like an impact trench.

Further up the surface looks manipulated, almost blurred.

NASA calls this a 'Circular Feature' on Mars
NASA calls this a ‘Circular Feature’ on Mars (click for larger image)

Original NASA source:

I downloaded the JP2 to view the anomaly.

Could this be a disc-shaped craft that crashed into the Martian surface or just a hole or crater?

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