News Update: 11 December 2017

This is my first YouTube Channel news update (hopefully one of many).

The videos currently on the channel are basically presentations, with a bunch of images and text, which I’ll be re-doing. In future I’ll be doing the narration and pointing out important things with the mouse pointer. Watch out for the re-do’s, I’ll be naming them “Redux: …”

As always I’ll be focusing on Mars orbiter and rover images showing anomalies such as life-forms, various craft or UFO’s.UAP’s (discs, triangles and cigars), bases (self-illuminating spherical domes, mostly inside craters), ancient ruins, megaliths, hangars, open-pit mines and odd artefacts/artifacts strewn across the Martian surface.

I also delve into the Secret Space Program (SSP), dark projects and disclosure as well as any other really important ET/UFO/UAP news.

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