Orange orbs and gigantic crescent object seen over The Reeds, Centurion, South Africa

Saturday, 7 January 2012, 09:41 PM: It was a warm, cloudy summer evening. It was close to full moon and there was a light breeze in the air. I was outside taking a smoke break. I looked up at the bright moon towards the north. It was then that I noticed an orange orb moving in a straight line slowly across the sky in a southerly direction towards me; emitting no sound as it did so. I noted its light did not flicker or blink on and off. There was no visible smoke and/or floating devices above it. I knew this was odd so I quickly got my camera and started taking photographs. Soon there were two more, all moving in unison. Fifteen (15) minutes later they were gone, suddenly fading into the distant horizon. I stood outside for a while totally confused at what I had just witnessed, went inside and commenced downloading the photographs onto my PC.

Orange Orbs
Orange Orbs

Below is the same photograph with zoomed images of the three orbs inserted next to each including the vectors indicating direction of movement, etc.

Orange Orbs Direction Vectors
Orange Orbs Direction Vectors

About an hour later I went outside to check that the garden gates were locked as I was about to hit the hay for the night. It was then that the main event happened. I thought the orange orbs were strange, but above me, slowly moving in a southerly direction was a football field size (100 m in length) crescent shape object, dark grey in colour. I estimate it was about thirty (30) metres above my house and moving forward at a walking pace. It had no lights and emitted no sound. I stood there for a while, scared, yet excited; not sure what to do, i.e. run and hide or try to get its attention. Eventually I did run inside to fetch the camera. Regrettably, when I returned it was nowhere to be seen.

Below is an illustration I drew of the dark grey, crescent object:

Dark Grey Crescent Object
Dark Grey Crescent Object

Later I analysed the photographs and the sequence in which they had been taken and came to the following conclusions:

  • The breeze was slowly moving the clouds in an easterly direction.
  • The orange orbs were moving towards me in a southerly direction.
  • They moved in unison, in a straight line and did not drop in altitude, kept the same distance between each other and moved at the same velocity.
  • Upon zooming into the orange orbs they also had what seem to have crescent shapes and oddly enough they seem to be facing the center point of the triangle formation they formed.
  • The intensity of the orange light emitted by the orbs remained constant, did not flicker or blink on and off.
  • There are two military air force bases in the area so I am familiar with aircraft of all shapes and sizes, these objects were clearly something else. I’ve never seen anything like it before.

Original Photographs:

I have zipped all the original, untouched, raw photographs I had taken. You are welcome to download the ZIP file. You will note that they contain the Meta Data of the camera settings, date and time, etc. Understandably there is motion blur due to the fact that I was shaking with a degree of fear and excitement. The photographs that appear to be just black sky do have objects in them, just increase the brightness and contrast accordingly.

Questions arising:

Is it a coincidence that the Chinese Lanterns were followed by a massive crescent shape blimp/drone? I don’t think that’s normal.
Don’t lights from Chinese Lanterns flicker and vary in intensity and don’t they follow variable, random paths through the sky?
Why was there a massive crescent shape object in the vicinity too? If it was a blimp/done why didn’t it have any lights on, after all isn’t it a legal requirement to have lights on even during daylight?

  • Why did the orange orbs also appear to have a crescent shape?
  • Why did they face each other and not down due to gravity?
  • Why did they follow a path perpendicular to the wind direction?

Did anyone else in the area at the time see this event? What exactly did I witness? UFO’s? A secret military exercise?

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