The Disclosure Chronicles

Humanity has entered a new phase where evil people are becoming vastly more evil and good people are starting to ally together saying “enough is enough.” We are on the brink of a new reality, a reality where new technology and a new level of spirituality will radically change our lives for the better. For decades now the powerful elite few have withheld vast cosmic truths and revolutionary technologies from us.

Their narrative has been propagated through the mainstream media and educational institutions, to name a few, for decades. Our lives revolve around the norms and standards they set, being it in the science and history we are taught, the news we read and the TV programmes we watch. Our minds have been controlled by this negative propaganda for far too long. We have become dependent on our so-called “leaders,” waiting for them to make important decisions for us while we live our lives as slaves in the dark.

Meanwhile, the powerful elite have established secret, dark programmes using our tax money. Free from any form of oversight the military industrial complex including large corporations are taking our money and using it to finance their interests, conducting research and development into new forms of technology, energy generation, propulsion systems, AI, etc.

The treaty/treaties entered into between President Eisenhower and ETs at Andrews AFB and later at Holloman AFB are outdated and should be declared as “no longer valid” because the terms of the treaty/treaties have been met. It was agreed that in exchange for technology the ETs would have the freedom to conduct experiments and research on Earth. We now have the technology and decades have since passed, however the ETs continue to conduct harmful experiments on us.

It is also speculated that, following these initial meetings with ETs, Eisenhower instructed the Central Intelligence Agency to ensure humanity survives by all means possible likely giving birth to, what I surmise, is the Secret Space Program. Eisenhower appears to have lost control soon thereafter and later warned us of the might of the military industrial complex which has gained unprecedented power since the treaty/treaties were signed. Who knows what other treaties have been agreed to since and even before then.

General Douglas MacArthur, who was fired by President Truman for running parallel UFO investigations of his own, said in a speech: “The next war will be an interplanetary war. The nations of the earth must someday make a common front against attack by people from other planets. The politics of the future will be cosmic, or interplanetary.

Eisenhower’s concerns about the out-of-control military industrial complex (parallel government) were not unfounded. Linda Moulton Howe from Earthfiles recently revealed the existence of a 9 page memo which was in the possession of James Jesus Angleton until his death. The memo is said to detail JFK’s assassination plot. The dark, parallel government wanted Kennedy taken out for apparently considering a collaboration between the US and the Russians on the ET question. President Kennedy was assassinated just 10 days after requesting ET information/files from the CIA.

Individuals, also known as whistle-blowers or insiders, that have worked in or that have been involved with these secret programmes have come forward to share what they know with the public. Unfortunately many have been criticized by the mainstream media and so-called highly “educated/academic/scientific” people, the same mainstream media and people that have been brainwashed by propaganda and lies spread by the powerful elite. Fortunately some of us have had enough of the lie and have awoken, considering these testimonies with open minds.

Ben Rich before he retired said: “We’re 100 years ahead of establishment science” and “We can take E.T. home” and President Reagan’s diary entry for Tuesday, June 11, 1985 (page 334) reads: “Lunch with 5 top space scientist. It was fascinating. Space truly is the last frontier and some of the developments there in astronomy etc. are like science fiction, except they are real. I learned that our shuttle capacity is such that we could orbit 300 people.

Why would whistle-blowers or insiders risk their lives and reputations by coming forward with this information if it is not truthful? Many, if not all of them, have been encouraged by their superiors to come forward with the truth. William Tompkins, for example, received instruction from a Naval Officer: “Tell it all.” The Air-Force, Navy and off-world allies are fighting an escalating war which can no longer be kept secret and an alliance between them wants to disclose the truth.

Besides whistle-blower testimony, Hollywood and NASA have also been come on board, on a more subliminal level though. Steven Spielberg’s E.T. and Close Encounters of the Third Kind, The X-Files, Stargate, Star Trek and Stranger Things to name a few, have been instrumental in exposing the truth. Chris Carter, when asked by Robert Dean where he had received his top secret information from specifically for three X-Files episodes, he replied: “Well, yeah, we’ve been getting some story ideas from a variety of sources” and “You ain’t seen nothing yet. Stay tuned.

Some good people at NASA have also decided to disclose some information, showing the discovery of ancient civilisations and off-world, non-human activity on Mars. Images are released publically on NASA’s website on a daily basis; some highly controversial images show ancient megalithic ruins, life-forms, bases and craft with no specific explanation, leaving it up to us to decide what is really happening on Mars.

Mainstream media, controlled by the powerful elite, refuse to disclose the truth hence disclosure is covered mostly in alternative media, where it reaches a smaller audience. Fortunately there are individuals who are working diligently to bring disclosure to the mainstream, e.g. Kerry Cassidy from Project Camelot YouTube channel, is making arrangements with Hollywood to bring her show to mainstream TV.

Why should we be scared of the truth and allow the elite to dictate how we live and what to believe in? Why should we continue being dependent on old fossil fuel technology when free energy is available? With all the evidence (verbal testimonies, photographs, documents, diary entries, subliminal disclosures, etc.) available now it should be evident to all that we have been lied to.

I encourage everyone to do their own research into this subject and to form their own opinion. The volume of information available may seem overwhelming, but I can assure you that after a while you will see a pattern and you will be able to join the dots. Knowing the big picture will help us to identify partial or full disclosure when it happens. Share this with your family and friends, it is time for humanity to awaken and to join our off-world sisters and brothers that are eagerly waiting for us.

All of us really need to take control of our destiny now before it is too late. Future generations as well as planet Earth herself deserve much, much better. We live in interesting times. As the saying goes: “The truth will set us free.