Bright disc above large Martian crater

This image was taken by NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) Context Camera (CTX) on 2011-06-26T02:01:02.590.

NASA describes this image as “Ride-along with CRISM.”

Case #14: Bright disc above large Martian crater:

I discovered what appears to be very bright disc above a large crater on Mars. It may even be a triangle with rounded edges. I estimate the diameter of this object to be approximately 300 to 350 metres.

Bright disc above large Martian crater
Bright disc above large Martian crater (click for larger image)

It looks as if the disc is hovering or flying above the surface at an altitude of about 50 metres.

By the way, are those vehicle tracks covering the surface, or tracks left by Martian dust devils?

Original NASA source:

I used NASA’s image viewer to the left of the page to view these anomalies. The object is located in the centre of the image, slightly to the left.

Is this a natural anomaly or perhaps another disc-like craft on Mars?

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