Crashed Disc-Shaped Craft found on Mars?

This photograph (ESP_014166_1820) was taken by NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) HiRISE Camera on 04 August 2009.

NASA describes this photograph as “Possible Layering in Block Material in Hydraotes Chaos.”

I discovered what looks like an artificially manufactured disc-shaped object embedded in the Martian surface. The craft measures between 8 and 10 metres across.

Additional analysis provided by Dawn Hernandez, one of my YouTube Channel Subscribers.

I rotate the ‘disc-like’ craft 180 degrees clockwise for a better perspective.

A close look shows an elongated dome structure on top of a larger flat disc. Perhaps also seen is a propulsion system at the one end of the craft.

Pure speculation as always, these anomalies look like something unnatural and are not specifically something unnatural.

Boulders, Craft or 'Ski-Doo?' Looks like an elongated dome on top of a large flat disc
Boulders, Craft or ‘Ski-Doo?’ Looks like an elongated dome on top of a large flat disc (click for larger image)

Below an illustration I did representing what this anomaly potentially could be:

Illustration - Artists Impression
Illustration – Artists Impression

Original NASA source:

I downloaded the HiRise B&W Map-Projected JP2 file to view this anomaly.

Is this a natural geological formation/boulders or perhaps a crashed disc-shaped craft?

Previous YouTube video featuring this anomaly and others from the same HiRISE photograph:

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