Crashed disc found on Mars?

On 29 December 2006 NASA released this image (PSP_001984_1735) taken by the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter HiRISE camera.

“Mars archaeologists” claim they have discovered a UFO flying saucer that crashed on the Martian surface.

Case #4: Crashed disc found on Mars?:

The crash site, in the Candor Chasma region of Mars, has the coordinates: 6°25’40.89 S 76°53’48.65 W (Google Earth).

Shown in the image is a half-buried disc-like object approximately 13 metres diameter. A long trench can be seen behind the object inferring it may be a craft that crash landed on the Martian surface, hitting the surface at high speed and low trajectory angle.

Crashed disc found on Mars
Crashed disc found on Mars (click for larger image)

The object can be seen in both images on Google Earth (Mars) and on the NASA HiRISE website respectively (the possible crash site is located to the top right in the NASA image).

Original NASA source:

Google Earth (Mars): Coordinates file: Case_4_Google_Earth_Coords.kmz (Google Earth to be pre-installed)

Download Google Earth (which includes the Moon and Mars): (for all operating systems)

Download Google Earth (which includes the Moon and Mars): googleearth-win- (for Windows XP – local download)

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