3D RENDER The Black Knight

The photograph analyzed here (STS088-724-66) was taken by NASA’s STS 88 Space Shuttle mission on 1998.12.11 20:17:04 GMT and is described as ‘OCEAN.’

Here I feature a 3D render I created of potential space craft. NASA states this is space debris and that the object deorbited days after being photographed and burned up in the atmosphere. This doesn’t sound feasible as all space craft need to slow down by firing deorbiting rockets to slow down to re-enter the atmosphere (this object was apparently a cover of some kind with no rockets). At the altitude the object was and the speed it was travelling at I don’t see it burning up days after being photographed.

Upon closer inspection I see geometry/design (mechanical parts, rectangular parts, spheres, wings, jets/rockets, etc.). According to the conspiracy this is possibly an artificial satellite of extraterrestrial origin called ‘The Black Knight’ that has orbited Earth for approximately 13 000 years.

Could this object be a craft, space debris/wreckage or machinery? Could this be a craft created for the Space Force by the Military Industrial Complex?

Due to the lack of better data/information I can only speculate as to what this object might be.

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Zoomed in view (click for larger image)
Zoomed in view (click for larger image)
An illustration/artists impression of the anomaly (click for larger image)
An illustration/artists impression of the anomaly (click for larger image)

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DISCLAIMER: Many or all of the anomalies/artefacts covered in this presentation may be naturally occurring geological features caused by some type of geological processes, however due to the lack of specific information from the source we can only speculate whether these are all natural or some artificial in nature.

In cases where I say an anomaly looks like something I’m attempting to clarify what I see and not specifically that the anomaly is what I say it looks like.

My intention is only to share anomalies I’ve discovered on Mars and not to convince anyone that there is or was a civilization on Mars.

As Will Farrar from WhatsUpInTheSky says: “I see what I see, you see what you see.”

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