Ancient megalithic stone ruins

Check out these stone slabs and blocks discovered by the Curiosity rover on Mars (Sol 618). Clearly seen in these ruins are triangles and blocks with right angles, symmetry and bevels.

Don’t these ruins remind you of the ancient ruins in South America like Puma Punku’s megalithic ruins from some cataclysmic event in history?

Ancient megalithic stone ruins (0618MR0026010370401306E01_DXXX)
Ancient megalithic stone ruins (0618MR0026010370401306E01_DXXX) (click for larger image)
Megalithic stone ruins at Puma Punku
Megalithic stone ruins at Puma Punku

Original NASA source:

I’ve highlighted only a few anomalies in the image, I encourage you to download the original NASA image where many more stone blocks and slabs are visible. Amazing!