Derelict crashed craft on Mars?

This anomaly was originally discovered by Richard Hoagland; he speculated that this may be a “spaceship.”

It’s rather difficult to tell whether this anomaly is concave or convex in shape.

Case #6: Derelict crashed craft on Mars?:

NASA released this image (AB-1-085/05 or ab108505) on its website on 22 December 2000.

Should this be an oval shape craft and not a crater on the edge of a cliff it can be speculated that it could possibly be a derelict crashed craft, abandoned by the ancients a long time ago.

The craft does seem to extend past the cliff edge and the shadow cast on the craft does appear to be on the same side to that of the shadows cast by the cliff ridges, making the case for this being a crater highly unlikely.

Derelict crashed craft on Mars
Derelict crashed craft on Mars (click for larger image)

The original NASA image is of a very low quality, i.e. the brightness is way up and the contrast way down. There are also many vertical lines through the image which make it even harder to get a clear view of the object in question.

Original NASA source:

The image on the NASA website has an extension .img. To view it and other file formats from NASA such as .JP2 download and install HiView which is a free image viewer provided by NASA.

Download HiView: (for all operating systems)

Download HiView: HiView-1.5.0-WIN-i686.exe (for Windows XP – local download)

Is this some kind of derelict crashed craft or a crater?