Odd pieces of broken ancient statues?

Highlighted in this Curiosity rover image are just a few of the more interesting pieces I’ve selected. You’ll see what looks like pieces of broken ancient statues. Starting left working around in clockwise direction, the first piece looks like a piece of a broken clay jar, then a head of a statue that looks like a fish head followed by a piece with what looks like flanges on both sides and finally a block with a partial spiral cut into it.

Odd pieces of broken ancient statues (0844MR0037530400500992E01_DXXX)
Odd pieces of broken ancient statues (0844MR0037530400500992E01_DXXX) (click for larger image)

I’ve zoomed into the piece that looks like a head of a fish like statue. You will notice the upper and lower part of the mouth, a dimple where the two pieces of the mouth join, an eye to the upper right of the top mouth piece and perhaps nostril type holes located bottom right of the upper mouth piece.

Head of a fish like statue (0710MR0030150070402501E01_DXXX)
Head of a fish like statue (0710MR0030150070402501E01_DXXX)

There are many other pieces which I have not covered here; I encourage you to download the original, larger image file and do some anomaly hunting of your own.

Original NASA source: http://mars.jpl.nasa.gov/msl-raw-images/msss/00844/mcam/0844MR0037530400500992E01_DXXX.jpg

This area looks a lot like a totally decimated ancient ruin. The pieces are probably soccer ball size or slightly larger.

As always, the above analysis is based on pure speculation.