Self-illuminating sphere in Martian crater

This image was taken by NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) Context Camera (CTX) on 2012-03-10T09:48:08.974.

NASA describes this image as “Ride-along with HiRISE.”

Case #13: Self-illuminating sphere in Martian crater:

I discovered what appears to be self-illuminating sphere in a dark crater on Mars. It illuminates not just itself but the area directly underneath it. I estimate the diameter of this object to be approximately 200 to 250 metres.

Self-illuminating sphere in Martian crater
Self-illuminating sphere in Martian crater (click for larger image)

The sphere does not extend above the crater rim, thus receiving no direct sun-light. If it did stick out above the crater rim a shadow would be cast on the surface directly next to the crater.

Original NASA source:

I used NASA’s image viewer to the left of the page to view these anomalies. The object is located just under the centre of the image, slightly to the left.

Is this a natural, round bulge in the centre of the crater or a structure, perhaps another dome base?

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