TR-3B eye-witness video footage

Although this topic is not directly related to Mars anomalies, I thought it would be relevant to share it anyway due to the fact that Secret Space Program whistleblowers have indicated that the TR-3B has been to Mars.

For the sake of having all the TR-3B eye-witness video footage available in one place I have compiled the following video compilations and grouped them into categories ranging from US military active war time engagements and day and night-time sightings.

From the video footage it is apparent that the US Air-Force is directly involved in the ongoing military action against the Taliban and other terrorist organisations in Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq. According to Secret Space Program whistleblowers, as I understand it, the US Air-Force has been issued with the smaller version of the TR-3B, as apposed to the 600 foot version operated by the US Naval Space Fleet, as is observed in these video clips.

The day and night-time sightings range from eye-witnesses from Amsterdam in the Netherlands, Wittenberg in Germany, Paris in France, Somerset and Southampton in the UK.

Should the following YouTube video’s not be viewable, try logging-in to YouTube and try again:

TR-3B US Military footage:

TR-3B Day-Time footage:

TR-3B Night-time footage (using night vision equipment):

Is this mere CGI at work or are all or some of these sightings real? Maybe … I think it is important to make everyone aware of what’s possibly going on in the skies above them.

All of the credit is due to the original eye-witnesses and those that made the video clips available to the public. We are thankful and appreciative.