GAME UPDATE | Mars Explorer 8 v8.1 (UE4)

Game Main Menu (click for larger image)

I have updated my Mars Exploration Game developed in Unreal Engine 4 (UE4). This is version 8.1, new to this version is the addition of flight and some other improvements. You can now see the anomalies on the surface from above, just like the MRO did when it photographed them from orbit.

I try to represent the 3D objects in the game are accurately as possible, they are representations of the top anomalies and artifacts I discovered on Mars (as featured in my 3D illustrations).

This game is about a speculative look at what could have been on Mars in the distant past before the catastrophe/s destroyed everything and because it’s speculative artistic license/artists impression has been used in the presentation of the objects in the game.

As always, until we get to see these anomalies up close and personal, I can only speculate as to what these objects might be.

You are welcome to download the game free-of-charge here (the file is approximately 4.8 GB in size):

NOTE: Previous versions of the game are no longer available due to limited server space, version 9.1 is now the latest version available for download.

This game is free. Please consider donating towards the development, much appreciated:

In-game screenshots

Following are several screenshots, taken from within the game, of the new additions to version 8.1.

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About the game

The game is compiled to run on Windows 64-bit platform (this should include both Windows 10 64-bit and Windows 11 64-bit) and you will need a computer with a medium-to-high-end graphics card.

Running the game

This is a stand-alone application so it does not install in Windows.

To run it use File Explorer to find the .exe and double click it. This should run the game.

You can also create a shortcut and copy it over to the desktop. This makes it easier to run the game from the desktop.

I have also included a 48×48 pixel size icon that can be used if the one that comes with the game doesn’t show nicely on your desktop. To use it right-click on the shortcut and click Properties, followed by Change Icon then Browse. Browse to the folder where you game resides and select the “ME-Logo-48×48.ico” file and click Apply.

Security/permissions in windows

Windows Security may also initially block the game from running (this is a normal security feature). Bypass it by selecting Allow to run.

Report and technical issues

Please report any technical issues you may experience with the game:


Kind regards, Jean Ward

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DISCLAIMER: Many or all of the anomalies/artefacts covered in this presentation may be naturally occurring geological features caused by some type of geological processes, however due to the lack of specific information from the source we can only speculate whether these are all natural or some artificial in nature.

In cases where I say an anomaly looks like something I’m attempting to clarify what I see and not specifically that the anomaly is what I say it looks like.

My intention is only to share anomalies I’ve discovered on Mars and not to convince anyone that there is or was a civilization on Mars.

As Will Farrar from WhatsUpInTheSky says: “I see what I see, you see what you see.”

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