SPECIAL EDITION 100th Mars Anomalies Video

This is a 100th Video Special Edition in which I revisit some of my previous video’s, taking a look at the weirdest, strangest and most important Martian anomalies I discovered.


Many or all of the anomalies covered in this presentation may be naturally occurring geological features caused by some type of geological processes, however due to the lack of specific information from the source we can only speculate whether these are all natural or some artificial in nature.

In cases where I say an anomaly looks like something I’m attempting to clarify what I see and not specifically that the anomaly is what I say it looks like.

My intention is only to share anomalies I’ve discovered on Mars and not to convince anyone that there is or was a civilization on Mars.

As Will Farrar from WhatsUpInTheSky says: “I see what I see, you see what you see.”

Special thank you to: NASA, JPL, University of Arizona and to my friend Saturn Ark for those parts of the video featuring our combined collaboration.

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