Underground base ventilation cap on Martian surface?

With the presence of water and moderate surface conditions Mars is the focus of much scientific study and the possibility of human colonization.

Various possibilities are under investigation; one of the more popular options is building living quarter’s underground. This would significantly lower colonists’ exposure to radiation.

Did Mars Curiosity Rover discover an underground base with a vent cap protruding from the Martian surface?

Underground base ventilation cap on Martian surface
Underground base ventilation cap on Martian surface (click for larger image)

In this image taken on Sol 721 an object, which appears to be a vent cap similar to an equivalent on Earth, is seen nestled between the rocks.

Conventional ventilation cap found on Earth
Conventional ventilation cap found on Earth

Original NASA source: https://mars.jpl.nasa.gov/msl-raw-images/msss/00721/mcam/0721MR0030860060402822E01_DXXX.jpg

Is Mars already home to colonists?

‘First landing on Mars: 22nd May 1962’

I found this weird video on YouTube, it must be a fake. It was apparently aired on TV in Europe but was banned in the US.

Real or not, it brings shivers down my spine; especially the creepy ending which shows something moving under the Martian surface.

The people that are interviewed are actors but the Mars footage is strange.


This production reminds me of the History Channel’s: The Great Martian War 1913 – 1917, using similar cinematopraphy and techniques.

Take a look and decide for yourself.

Artificial trench found in deep desert region on Mars?

Some anomaly hunters are of the opinion that this oblong anomaly is an object on top of the surface of Mars whereas others are of the opinion that this is a ditch, I tend to agree with the later group.

The sunlit areas of the surrounding craters and the trench are located to the right whereas the shaded areas are located to the left (this is also so for the small crater inside the trench).

Artificial trench found in deep desert region on Mars
Artificial trench found in deep desert region on Mars (click for larger image)

The trench measures 2.2 km long with an average width of 600 m. The deepest point is in the shaded area and the entrance to the trench in the sunlit area.

The edges of the trench are well defined and appear to be perpendicular to the Martian surface. The sand next to the walls at the bottom of the trench probably gathered there due to the walls eroding over time. Excavated sand seems to be spread out next to the trench to the North.

I consider this trench to be artificial in nature due to the fact that it has a geometric shape, has symmetry and the edges and walls are well defined.

The only way to see the object clearly is by using the NASA image viewer located to the left of the web page. Click the “Toggle full page” icon followed by the “Zoom in” icon.  Click on “Zoom in” until the maximum image size is displayed. I tried downloading the higher resolution .TIFF image however it does not open once downloaded, perhaps the PDS files will work.

I followed the process described above, combining several screenshots into a large, complete image which you can download here (file size: 8.7 Mbytes).

I tried downloading the original PNG, GIF, JPEG, TIFF and PDF files; however the resolution of each is too low to see the object clearly.

The trench is viewable on Google Earth/Mars at the following coordinates: 13 degrees 20’35.35″N
115 degrees 35’56.27″W.

Whistleblower Corey Goode has testified that we have dug artificial trenches to hide underground bases on other planets using a technique similar to that used in Project Iceworm (machines being adapted to handle sand in this case).

Original NASA source: http://viewer.mars.asu.edu/planetview/inst/ctx/F01_036124_1930_XI_13N115W

Google Earth (Mars): Coordinates file: Artificial_Trench_Google_Earth_Coords.kmz (Google Earth to be pre-installed)

Download Google Earth (which includes the Moon and Mars): https://www.google.com/earth/desktop/ (for all operating systems)

Download Google Earth (which includes the Moon and Mars): googleearth-win- (for Windows XP – local download)

Is this perhaps an artificial trench made by Secret Space Program engineers for the purpose of hiding a base there in the future, perhaps the plan was abandoned a long time ago?

Perhaps this is another abandoned open-pit mining quarry on Mars.

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Abandoned open-pit mining quarry on Mars?

The Mars Express orbiter took this image (Id 297928) of what the European Space Agency (ESA) calls Hebes Chasma mesa, 23 km wide.

This anomaly was first brought to my attention by Thomas Mikey Jensen from the Mars Moon Space TV channel on YouTube.

Abandoned open-pit mining quarry on Mars
Abandoned open-pit mining quarry on Mars (click for larger image)

Substantial carbon deposits have been found which may explain the appearance of the black water in the pool at the bottom of the pit.

The devastation to the mountain side is striking, at 23 km wide and 8 km deep this is unlike anything on Earth.

The layers or steps synonymous with similar mining operations on Earth are not seen probably due to the walls of the Quarry being eroded by water over time.

When compared to similar images on Earth one cannot help but wonder if this is an abandoned open-pit quarry on Mars.

Open pit of Rosia Poieni Montana
Open pit of Rosia Poieni Montana (click for larger image)

Original ESA source: http://www.esa.int/spaceinimages/Images/2013/10/Hebes_Chasma_mesa

Could this be an abandoned mining operation on Mars, perhaps coal and/or other minerals were excavated here in the distant past?

Worm or threaded artefact found in Martian sand?

Taken by Navcam Left B on-board NASA’s Mars Curiosity rover on 29 January 2016 (Sol 1237), this image shows an object that looks either like a worm or some kind of threaded artefact like a screw or bolt.

It appears the object was uncovered by the rover’s activity in the area. Taking into account the sense of scale given by the part of the rover that can be seen in the bottom right of the image the object appears to be rather small.

Worm or threaded artefact found in Martian sand
Worm or threaded artefact found in Martian sand (Click for larger image)

Original NASA source: https://mars.jpl.nasa.gov/msl/multimedia/raw/?rawid=NLB_507300229EDR_F0521162NCAM00322M_

Is this a sign of current life on Mars?

Mars Opportunity rover finds mysterious doughnut-shaped rock

Scientists are puzzled by a white rock with a dark red low spot in the middle that “just plain appeared at that spot” on the planet where the rover is situated, says Steve Squyres, lead scientist of the Mars Exploration Rover mission.

Two photographs taken by Opportunity 12 days apart showed only barren bedrock on mission day 3528 (in Mars time), however on day 3540, a photograph of the same area revealed a mysterious, doughnut-shaped rock (was not there before). Curious!

Mars Opportunity rover finds mysterious doughnut-shaped rock
Mars Opportunity rover finds mysterious doughnut-shaped rock

TR-3B eye-witness video footage

Although this topic is not directly related to Mars anomalies, I thought it would be relevant to share it anyway due to the fact that Secret Space Program whistleblowers have indicated that the TR-3B has been to Mars.

For the sake of having all the TR-3B eye-witness video footage available in one place I have compiled the following video compilations and grouped them into categories ranging from US military active war time engagements and day and night-time sightings.

From the video footage it is apparent that the US Air-Force is directly involved in the ongoing military action against the Taliban and other terrorist organisations in Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq. According to Secret Space Program whistleblowers, as I understand it, the US Air-Force has been issued with the smaller version of the TR-3B, as apposed to the 600 foot version operated by the US Naval Space Fleet, as is observed in these video clips.

The day and night-time sightings range from eye-witnesses from Amsterdam in the Netherlands, Wittenberg in Germany, Paris in France, Somerset and Southampton in the UK.

Should the following YouTube video’s not be viewable, try logging-in to YouTube and try again:

TR-3B US Military footage:

TR-3B Day-Time footage:

TR-3B Night-time footage (using night vision equipment):

Is this mere CGI at work or are all or some of these sightings real? Maybe … I think it is important to make everyone aware of what’s possibly going on in the skies above them.

All of the credit is due to the original eye-witnesses and those that made the video clips available to the public. We are thankful and appreciative.

History and summary of the Secret Space Program

In this presentation on UAMN TV, Dr. Michael Salla presenting via Skype at the NEXUS Conference, presents the most comprehensive history and summary of the Secret Space Program I’ve seen.

The presentation entitled “The advanced secret space civilizations that broke away from Earth” covers the entire Secret Space Program from its origins in the 30’s to present day.

Reference is made to key documentation and whistle blower testimony that reveal the hidden development of antigravity spacecraft, the big picture of a parallel world of secret space programs and extra-terrestrial alliances.

Dr. Michael Salla has now finally put all the pieces together.

Believe it or not?

Has the TR-3B been to Mars?

In this interview, Richard D Hall from Richplanet TV discusses TR-3B information leaked by whistle blower Edgar Fouche.

The TR-3B is also known as the massive flying triangle seen around the world. TR-3B’s are also known as space platforms due to their size.

TR-3B Illustration
TR-3B Illustration

The information provided by Fouche confirms Gary McKinnon’s claim that he had seen a list of officer’s names under the heading “Non-Terrestrial Officers” and in particular the names of a fleet of craft listed as “USS …” in a document after he had hacked into state computers.

List of non-terrestrial officers
List of non-terrestrial officers
Fleet of craft listed as 'USS ...'
Fleet of craft listed as ‘USS …’

Interestingly another of the whistle blowers in this discussion mentions the TR-3B has been to amongst other planets, Mars. The photograph taken by the Curiosity Rover’s backward pointing camera showing what appears to be a humanoid figure working on the rover could well be one of these so called “Non-Terrestrial Officers” that arrived there in a TR-3B.

Check out the discussion in the video below:

The original interviews with Ed Fouche are located here: http://www.richplanet.net/tr3b

I guess the antiquated technology NASA is using is part of the Secret Space Programme deception campaign. Who knows? The puzzle however is coming together nicely.

The Gary McKinnon Interview (2015)

In 2015 Richplanet TV interviewed world famous “hacker” Gary McKinnon. He discusses how he hacked into NASA computers as well as dozens of US Army, Navy, Air Force and Department of Defence computers.

Amongst other information, he uncovered evidence of a secret space program as well as list of officers’ names under the heading “Non-Terrestrial Officers” including a fleet of craft listed as “USS … .”

Who or what was standing next to the Curiosity rover, it does appear to be humanoid? Might these so called “Non-Terrestrial Officers” also be present on Mars?

Towards the end of the interview he also talks about interesting artefacts on Mars.